Laser Liposuction To Reduce Fat & Tighten Skin

Laser Liposuction

Laser Liposuction

Laser liposuction is a specialized laser fat removal procedure that can precisely sculpt problem areas of the body by reducing excess fat deposits. Laser technology is used to achieve more pronounced curves by melting stubborn fat around the entire body. Patients can target fat deposits found on the neck and chin, breasts, arms, thighs, abdomen, back, and legs. Troublesome bulges or love handles can be eliminated safely with laser liposuction. Laser lipo is minimally invasive, meaning there is less downtime and recovery involved when compared to traditional liposuction techniques. In addition, laser liposuction yields skin tightening benefits, as laser energy can increase collagen growth to improve elasticity.

Laser Liposuction At A Glance
Eliminates excess fat deposits around the body
Can sculpt the neck, breasts, arms, back, midsection, and lower body
Encourages skin tightening around the treatment area
Minimally invasive procedure
Less healing time and recovery than traditional liposuction
Laser lipo results are long-lasting

Your Laser Lipo Procedure

Laser liposuction can be performed in-office. An outpatient surgical facility or a local hospital may also be recommended, according to the specifics of your treatment. During your laser lipo procedure, tiny incisions are made at the treatment area and the laser is positioned beneath the skin through a cannula. Laser energy is directed to excess fat cells—successfully liquefying them. The cannula then gently suctions out these fat cells and removes them from the body. Heat from the laser also stimulates collagen production beneath the skin, encouraging skin tightening.

Patients may choose to combine laser liposuction with other body contouring methods to enhance results, including an arm lift, thigh lift, body lift, or tummy tuck. Using laser fat removal with surgical techniques can remove excess fat cells and address lax skin in one procedure.

Laser Liposuction Vs Traditional Liposuction

Laser Liposuction Traditional Liposuction
Can achieve fat reduction and skin tightening results Can achieve body sculpting results
Utilizes a local anesthetic Requires either a general or local anesthetic
Any swelling and bruising should subside within a few days 1-2 weeks of moderate bruising and swelling after liposuction
Many patients return to work and their daily activities the next day Patients require approximately 1-3 weeks of recovery time before resuming daily routines

What To Expect After Undergoing Your Laser Lipo Procedure

Very mild bruising and swelling is common after undergoing laser lipo treatment. These effects should subside within a few days of your procedure. Patients usually return to work and their daily activities the following day. Your plastic surgeon can provide more detailed timeframes during your consultation for laser lipo.

Laser liposuction can achieve both fat removal and skin tightening results in one minimally invasive procedure. Patients should expect to see continuing improvements in the coming months.

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Laser Liposuction
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